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One day, one of our clients told us they would have to cut down the maple trees in their garden for some reasons, which had witnessed the happiness and growth of their family over two generations.
As the maple trees invoke so much emotion for them, we came up with the idea of making furniture using the still-durable trunks and thick branches of the maple trees, rather than simply disposing of them. After several months of repeated discussions, lovely original chairs were created. The chairs offer excellent comfort as they were made to fit the size of the family members. The maple trees are still with them, though in a different form. (Different items of furniture can be created even from a small tree. Please tell us your request.)


Cut the maple trees in the garden to bring them to the factory for processing.
Our workmen carefully load and transport the cut trees.


Select the trunks and thick branches that seem usable as furniture while referring to the drawing and having an ideal image in mind. Pay attention not to produce waste.


Saw and dry the trees.
This process is done at the factory of a reliable supplier we have a long term relationship with.


Remove any broken or bent tree branches that cannot be used as materials. This selection process is carefully done to ensure the production of high-quality furniture.


Cut and process the dried materials.
When the materials are ready, the production of furniture begins.

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They are original products by the furniture artisan specifically catered for the client.


Any furniture you desire can be produced even from a small tree. Rejuvenate your precious trees.

stand.jpgSlipper rack/chiritori.jpgWooden dustpan



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