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If you have any concern or special request about your garden, and yet you are not sure to whom you can turn for help and advice, feel free to contact us via phone, fax or email. Our professional staff is always ready to help you with your needs.

Phone: 072-761-8874
Fax: 072-762-8234
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We have a consultation with you.

Please tell us about the desired image of your garden. We provide consultation and make a proposal while introducing the gardens we constructed before and showing reference pictures.


We start making measurement and conducting survey at the site.
Survey and inspection are carried out from various angles while paying attention to the planned construction site as well as considering the balance with surrounding landscape and environment.

After the consultation and site survey, our staff prepares a tentative drawing and presents an estimate to you.

Upon confirmation of the proposal and estimate, the contract will be concluded.


Based on the content of the estimate, specific sketch plan and working drawing will be created.
* Tools such as models will be created upon your request.
Once the drawings are completed, the construction work is ready to start.


Construction work begins.
With the first priority being the safety of the client and the neighbors, we proceed with construction work.
We appreciate your understanding for any inconvenience the construction work may cause.

This is a renovated entrance as a result of the construction work.
Once the construction work is done, the completed site will be delivered to you.

We provide an optional after-sales maintenance service. Proposals about maintenance (pruning trees, replacing flowers, etc.) are made in accordance with the size of your garden.



guliguli-link.jpg   Gardening design and construction by Arakizouensekkei