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Business Policy of Araki Landscape Architectural Office

We incorporate "globally-recognized Japanese natural beauty" into contemporary lifestyles.

From design and construction to maintenance (mainly trimming trees and undergrowth, and replanting flowers), our employees provide consistent, high-quality construction services at any site. Sensitivity is essential in gardening, and we often decide to change the types of materials at site to make better use of them, considering different features demonstrated by individual trees and ornamental stones. Generally, a constructor completes work according to drawings. Although we basically prepare a working drawing for each site and proceed with it, our designer and construction manager work together while discussing how to create an even better garden, which is very critical in good gardening. We aim to produce a high-quality garden by frequently exchanging information among staff members to stay on the same page.

Another part of our strength is cost effectiveness. For construction worth three million yen or less, we do not charge a design fee. (Please note that for a request of design only, a construction work worth more than three million yen involving design and installation, or cases requiring perspective drawing or model creation, we may charge you fees for these services. Please consult us beforehand.)

Our company have specialists in flowers, designers who excel in Western-style and Japanese-style modern gardens, and gardeners with expertise of rock and water fall arrangements, who will listen to your needs and requests to create high-quality gardens.




guliguli-link.jpg   Gardening design and construction by Arakizouensekkei