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The spread of internship programs for students is contributing to raising career awareness among them, and giving great opportunities for young people to gain experiences that help them select jobs. With an aim to giving students a deep understanding of landscape gardening, our company accepts high school students as interns, and in 2014, two students from Tottori Koryo High School stayed at our company's dorm for a week, during which they visited gardens constructed by Araki Landscape Architectural Office and observed work processes including how gardening materials are purchased. Some of our clients, who agreed with the aim of our internship program, allowed the students to experience the maintenance of their gardens. Staff members of our company work together with the young people while communicating and having meals together, from which we also learned a lot.


To realize "Green Urban City Osaka," the Osaka Prefectural Government designates the areas along main highways as "Green Project Areas" for mitigating heat island effects and promoting government-private cooperation in the green project. Our office is located along National Route 176, and the surrounding area is designated as project area. In an attempt to contribute to the local region as a company dealing with greenery, we installed large green walls filled with plants to the north and east of the office, under the concept of making the area enjoyable, comfortable and abundant with green and having local residents feel attached to the area. Many kinds of plants are planted on the walls. As the road to the east is used as a school route, we designed the area hoping that school children feel seasons while walking along the route every day and become adults who possess rich feelings and emotions.


Our activities introduced by newspaper Osaka Nichinichi Shimbun as of September 5 2014



guliguli-link.jpg   Gardening design and construction by Arakizouensekkei