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We aim to create a space where one can experience "pleasure, surprise, joy, excitement and comfort" and our garden is designed to express nobility and depth that even touch one's heart beyond physicality, using the techniques passed down for a long time.

Trees with large roots, vigorously-growing branches and leaves receiving full sunlight make us feel their vital energy.
"Living together with trees," which is natural and yet very important.

A Japanese Kanji character "Kaze (wind)" represents landscape, climate, spirit, texture and flavor. We feel "Kaze" when nature is in harmony without any force. We always strive to create gardens that keep harmony between nature and daily life.

Resonance is a lasting memory and we feel like remembering such memory from time to time.
Unforgettable memories stay in our hearts forever.
We want to create an "unforgettable garden that stay with one's soul."



guliguli-link.jpg   Gardening design and construction by Arakizouensekkei